Bob Klapischs Opinion

Friday, November 19, 2021 12:20:37 AM

Bob Klapischs Opinion

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Sports writer Bob Klapisch talks about what makes Masahiro Tanaka so good

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He has fun. He has fun playing. He has fun covering first base. He has fun hitting. Meh, I digress …. Tags: bob klapisch , darryl strawberry , wally backman. June 1, Mets Games Joe Janish. Next Inside Look: Padres. Joe Janish. Andy June 1, at pm. Has it been out there before? Excellent piece, Joe. Those who have frequented this blog long enough know my feelings towards Klapisch.

Let's just say it takes very little for him to criticize and chastise the Mets, but nary a word can be found, often times, when it comes time to speak harshly of those beloved Yankees. I'll admit that, far too often, the Mets have supplied Klapisch and other opinion writers with far too much material to pan about, while the Yankees are perennial postseason players whose bottomless pockets always seem to keep them smelling like a rose.

But anyone who knows how to read between the lines can sense Klapisch's overwhelming bias, and his latest article — chock full of generalizations, assumptions, bad judgment, and flat out lies — does nothing but strengthen the notion that he's an all-out Mets-hater with unethical standards and underhanded writing tactics. MikeTomaselli June 1, at pm. This is why it is so hard to be a Mets fan… also a Jets fan as I read countless "the Jets are set up to be awful this year because they are the Jets blah blah blah" articles.

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