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Plan Do Review Theory

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Plan Do Review

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I would like a bit of advice on where to find a van conversion company. I am north of Chicago in Wisconsin. Dorothy, did u find a van yet? I am in the Chicago area and could help you locate or plan the build of one. Ive lived in a motorhome for 10 years and have had vans etc. You have done one of the most perfect set ups i seen in a long time. Really love your honest and thoughtful blog posts. With my van have similar thoughts — will have a toilet composting type with 12v fan to avoid trekking into the great British freezing July rain for a wee.

At least that is the plan! Hi Faith, I am beginning van conversion now. Am considering a composting toilet, just wondered how yours was going? Kindest regards, sophy. I felt for you, the much extra cost you have to cough up for the water heating. He is not a good man, just a cheat. He did after admit he did not know how to install the heater. Clearly a novice beginner. Like you we use the Thetford Porta-Potti, which can be easily moved into the aisle while showing. No complex hot water plumbing, although a grey water drain tank, and of course a real shower pan, are still needed. Thanks so much for the detailed and honest review.

Such a pleasure to read your blog. Love your honest review of your van conversion. I totally agree with you on van-conversion values. I have been considering to install a shower closure in my van for after running refresh and just find your article in time! I did some researches for the shower closure. I was wondering if those tile- like hexagons are made of ceramic. We have had the same thoughts! We are just working on our second van, without a galley, shower, toilet, hot water in our first. Well, sort of. Our galley is modular and can be removed.

It will hold our 12v fridge and have a counter on top. All water will be as you mention from 5 Gal container to a grey water container. We have a 12v pressure washer 5Gal that we use as the faucet. Holds the water and is pressurized. Can add hot water if we heat it on stove. Putting teak on the down would be nice. We have outdoor mats we put outside the side and back doors to keep the grime out, so sort of a floor. Great tips Mike. Have you also seen my sprintercampervans instagram account? Similar products are sold for diesel engines that basically hug the core of the engine, the block, and keep it at above freezing temperatures. If I remember right the product draws power from the battery bank.

I am just guessing though. Maybe boiling a bit too from time to time. Thanks so much for writing this article. My husband and I are in the planning stages of our first van conversion and we keep going back and forth about having a toilet and whether we would get a porto or the composting kind. Our first trip will be a ski trip for at least 2 months in chasing snow and the accompanying freezing weather and this article just convinced me that we need some kind of toilet for me for the middle of the night.

Did you consider a composting toilet? Do you have any trouble finding RV sites to dump your bowl? When you do dump the toilet is everything contained well, or do you need to wear gloves and such? Kristen, What are your white, grey and black water tank capacities? What about your white? We are so excited about our new conversion and both of us enjoy your insight. One other question, on your battery system and storage, are you happy with your choices there? Would you change anything? Thank you so much. Have a safe weekend. Clean water is 25 gallons, grey water 15 gallons.

The bed was custom made. I have read throughout your wonderful website till teaching this horrible struggle with the hot water shower. I want to suggest a small simple solution I use in a very small motorhome I sometimes use in subzero winters. This is a small and very cheap solution that actually works very good for me. Maybe this can put some smile on your face! I use a big preseruzed pump, which is actually a container with hot water with a pump on the top. This is used to spray over plants. If you come to squarefeet. I just full it with warm water, measure the temperature, hang the top pipe of the shower to the bath wall and spray hot water. I managed to changethe top end of the pipe with a small showerhead.

I use a deep large bucket and then drain it out of the motorhome. The pressurised pumpe is manual and after few pumping you have enough pressure for a good bath. Water consumption is half the normal use in a campervan. Since the pressurised pump is very economical with water usuage, you can make a small hole in the floor and drain the water directly out of the van. I place a bucket under the van when in a civilised area and then water the plants around. Another way is to use a bucket and a deep submurge pump.

This can give more water in each second but this requires Electricity. Another idea is to minimise baths by using Tena wash cream which is a cream that also has a cleaning and reparation effect — currently used by many elederly in nursing homes all over Denmark. It cleaning better than water and soap. To sum up: I always love the low tech solution. I use the kitchen sink as i do not want to have a sink in the bathroom — too much complications in the pipe system. I love the toilet you use. I use the same! But i am more inclined to use a simple shower with a big large bucket for the feet and pressurised pump to make things easier, avoid leaks and save on energy. Water can always be heated with gas and i need 5 liters for a full bath.

Draining the water into a bucket inside the van or directly out of the van via a hole can avoid the problem of frossen grey tank in winter. Please share your thoughts and let us discuss the issue further as you are not the only one in this issue. He insisted it have a proper shower as it was very important to turn up at work looking smart each day. As the toilet and basin were in there plus a huge mirror we all used it as a dressing room and like you, a dumping ground for big stuff. The only problem was that despite having a removable carpet, we were so heavy on it, the shower tray broke and we had to have it repaired when it came time to sell the van!

The other thing that we never used was the big water tank which took up all the space under one double seat — it was a weight to carry round when travelling and for drinking we preferred to get bottled water to make sure it was always fresh. For washing we always used the facilities on site. Neither did we use the grey water tank — just always put a bucket under the sink outlet to catch if we used the sink. So the only thing we used as we should was the thetford porta potti, which as you say, is wonderful for nocturnal trips — at all other times we were instructed to make use of outside facilities!

I spent a few months on our small sailboat and dealt with similar issues. I discovered there are two reasons for taking a shower — to get clean and because it feels good. If you want to get clean with the minimum amount of water, put a quart of warm water in a hand sprayer, spray your body and wipe down with a wash cloth or hand towel. Soap is not necessary. Wash your hair with another quart of water in a pitcher. Keep another spray bottle filled with alcohol. Spray the damp wash cloth with alcohol to prevent mildew and hasten evaporative drying.

I use the sprayer for cleaning dishes also and spray the damp dish towel with alcohol too. When I wanted to conserve water I could live on less than a gallon a day with this method. No holding tanks needed either. If you are driving the van most days a really cheap option for hot water is a Calorifier, we use one in our van and it is essentially an insulated stainless steel water tank which has a coil inside which you plumb into the cooling system on the van engine, when you are driving this coil heats up your domestic hot water, on the front of the tank is a thermostatic valve which mixes the super hot water with cold to the temperature you set giving you a much larger quantity of usable hot water.

My SO and I live in Denver and are avid climbers primary activity , snowboarders, and mountain bikers. While we loved the simplicity of the build, we realized that it was primarily built for weekend use; we are hoping to move in full-time at some point and as we are professional clinicians we would need showers on a regular basis. Their shtick is that they can do anything—if you want it, they can custom build it, and overall they used all the right products in our build. But I will say that their choices for all of the components of the systems were very good.

The internal water tanks definitely take up some space, and part of me wonders if we could have just drained both the sink and bathroom to ground as our friends do and eliminate the grey tank. We do have a sump under the drain in the shower that pumps the water to the grey tank; the sump is actually mounted outside the van shell, underneath next to the furnace, and in the winter we pour RV antifreeze down the drain after using the shower to prevent any freezing. We may just unhook the drain from the sump and run it directly to ground anyway, a trick we had to do once when the sump pump died under warranty. The owner and designer of the system originally worked directly with Espar aka Eberspacher to manufacture these as a joint product and the control plate is actually branded as an Espar, though they no longer are involved with its manufacture.

This is then pumped to two heat exhangers, one for air heating and a small tankless water heater. The system is pretty quiet and fuel-efficient. Water heats up fast, and gets quite hot! We joke that finding cold is easy, and finding hot is easy, but finding Goldilocks takes some work, especially when showering. We did have problems with the furnace this summer requiring two rebuilds, first for failing temperature sensors and second for a failing blower fan that became loud enough to wake us up at night.

Overall though when the system works, it works great, and our furnace has now been completely rebuilt good as new. We did have problems with water coming out around the bathroom door, but I figured out it was due to water soaking into the nylon shower curtains they installed inside the bathroom, which let water soak through, run down the door, and out around the door frame.

Had they installed the door so that lip it rests against when closed were on the outside of the wall instead of the inside, water would have just run down into the shower pan and been fine. Add a comment. Active Oldest Votes. This is equivalent to the "Display Estimated Execution Plan Method 3 - Using SQL Server Profiler If you can't run your query directly or your query doesn't run slowly when you execute it directly - remember we want a plan of the query performing badly , then you can capture a plan using a SQL Server Profiler trace. Open SQL Server Profiler and create a new trace connecting to the desired database against which you wish to record the trace.

While the trace is running, do whatever it is you need to do to get the slow running query to run. Wait for the query to complete and stop the trace. Method 4 - Inspecting the query cache If you can't run your query directly and you also can't capture a profiler trace then you can still obtain an estimated plan by inspecting the SQL query plan cache. Notes: Because there are so many factors involved ranging from the table and index schema down to the data stored and the table statistics you should always try to obtain an execution plan from the database you are interested in normally the one that is experiencing a performance problem. You can't capture an execution plan for encrypted stored procedures. Estimated and Actual execution plan revisited How do I interpret a query execution plan?

Improve this answer. Justin the 2nd edition of the book you linked to, for interpreting a query execution plan, is dated from Would you still say that it is a really good resource for that purpose in ? Justin, I tried with Method 4 - Inspecting the query cache, but it's returning system and user defined both the queries. Is there any way to not consider system queries? Martin Smith Martin Smith k 80 80 gold badges silver badges bronze badges. Tigerjz32 Tigerjz32 3, 4 4 gold badges 24 24 silver badges 33 33 bronze badges. The execution plan diagrams will be shown the Execution Plan tab in the results section. Marcin Czyz Marcin Czyz 2 2 silver badges 5 5 bronze badges. Here is a sample screen shot for you to have an idea of what functionality is offered by the tool: It's only one of the views available in the tool.

Alexander Abakumov Alexander Abakumov Who was speaking of third-party tools? So what makes you think an answer involving a third-party tool is an inappropriate one? Was just joking around with how you phrased the start of your answer Speaking of third-party tools when nobody mentioned third party tools. Thank you! I've rewritten my answer. BTW there is only one version now sqlsentry. Show 1 more comment. Next, open a new query window and run one or more queries. Dave Mason Dave Mason 4, 1 1 gold badge 20 20 silver badges 24 24 bronze badges. Query Store is not active for new databases by default. You cannot enable the query store for the master or tempdb database. Available DMV sys. Estimated execution plan The estimated execution plan is generated by the Optimizer without running the SQL query.

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Guy Bishop Guy Bishop 41 1 1 bronze badge. The Biden administration has struggled to get a grip on the devastating situation at the border: Last month, Border Patrol agents were overwhelmed by more than 15, migrants who streamed across the border and camped out under the international bridge in Del Rio, Texas. Border Patrol agents encountered more than , migrants at the southern border in both July and August. Send a tip to the news team at NR. If you valued reading this article, please consider joining our fight by donating to our Fall Webathon. Your contribution makes it possible for us to continue our mission of speaking truth and defending conservative principles. Border Patrol agent Carlos Rivera guides migrants to be processed after they attempted to cross the border from Mexico into Sunland Park, N.

No charge. Something to Consider If you valued reading this article, please consider joining our fight by donating to our Fall Webathon.

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