Why Is Harmonica Important

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Why Is Harmonica Important

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Why do I need more than one harmonica?

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Shearer introduced the dates and the prophecy to Arguelles in , and he eventually co-opted them and created the name Harmonic Convergence as the public title of the event. The timing of the Harmonic Convergence was allegedly significant in the Maya calendar , with some consideration also given to European and Asian astrological traditions. The chosen dates have the distinction of allegedly marking a planetary alignment with the Sun, Moon and six out of eight planets being "part of the grand trine. The next predicted Harmonic convergence aligning of planets was to occur on March 3, According to the astrologer Neil Michelsen's "The American Ephemeris," on 24 August there was an exceptional alignment of planets in the Solar System.

Eight planets were aligned in an unusual configuration called a grand trine. The Sun, Moon and six out of eight planets formed part of the grand trine, that is, they were aligned at the apexes of an equilateral triangle when viewed from the Earth. The Sun, Moon, Mars and Venus were in exact alignment, astrologically called a conjunction at the first degree of Virgo in Tropical Astrology.

Mercury was in the fourth degree of Virgo which most astrologers count as part of the same conjunction being within the "orb" of influence. Uranus, and especially Saturn are on the edge of this trine. Controversy is associated to the claim that this occurrence was a unique event. Grand trines, where planets are at degree positions forming an equilateral triangle are not uncommon or particularly noteworthy. Traditional astrology does not consider trines to be action points, so the notion of a special shift in world history would not be in the offing under a grand trine. Hence, many traditional astrologers do not regard this occurrence to be of significant importance.

There is no evidence that astronomers have ever considered it significant. Believers of this esoteric prophecy maintain that the Harmonic Convergence ushered in a five-year period of Earth's "cleansing", where many of the planet's "false structures of separation" would collapse. Adherents believed that signs indicated a "major energy shift" was about to occur, a turning point in Earth 's collective karma and dharma , and that this energy was powerful enough to change the global perspective of man from one of conflict to one of co-operation.

Actress and author Shirley MacLaine called it a "window of light," [5] allowing access to higher realms of awareness. Evils of the modern world, e. An important part of the Harmonic Convergence observances was the idea of congregating at "power centers. The belief was that if , people assembled at these power centers and meditated for peace, that the arrival of the new era would be facilitated. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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