I M Pregnant Speeches

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I M Pregnant Speeches

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Positive \u0026 Empowering PREGNANCY AFFIRMATIONS for a Beautiful Pregnancy

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Do you use other forms of contraception? What are your moods like? Do you have increased vaginal discharge? Have you noticed changes to your nipples? How does your usual bra fit? Have you had any upset stomach? What are your energy levels like? Have you been peeing a lot? Was this page helpful? Thanks for your feedback! Sign Up. What are your concerns? Related Articles. Are You Pregnant? Here's How to Tell. An Overview of Home Pregnancy Tests. When to See a Fertility Doctor for Help. My husband, Simon, and I went to hospital and they ran neurological tests.

My speech was hesitant, stilted and inaccurate. I was unable to read simple texts aloud without making mistakes. I'd stare at a word, understand it, yet be unable to say it. Writing was similarly problematic. I knew what I wanted to say, write or read, but my brain could not find the words. We were told that an MRI scan was not desirable until later in my pregnancy, and without the scan to confirm a brain problem, we had to wait and see how things developed. I improved quickly after that first episode, and within a fortnight I was back teaching my class of eight-year-olds, able to talk and read aloud, and write fluently. But some weeks later I had a scan that showed an area of affected tissue, which was thought to be inflammation or, possibly, a tumour.

I felt strangely vindicated by this penny-sized grey area on the images - proof that I was not a crazy pregnant woman. But since I felt well, the scan meant very little and, again, we could only wait and hope. Six months later, Freddy was born. The baby-moon that followed was joyous, and we felt nothing could touch us, but when he was 10 days old my speech failed again. This time, my symptoms progressed more rapidly and severely. I found numbers especially hard to say, I couldn't text a message or write. Soon afterwards, the sensation of touch was dulled in my right side, and I was unable to say with certainty whether or not I was holding an object.

Why did we do this again, we cried to each other, what was the point? This, we said, should be the last time. No more. Fortnightly scans revealed a growing grey smudge, but we could take no heart from that heartbeat, trying its best. We held hands through our very first week scan in complete silence. Not chilled, terrified. And despite the first printed picture, the first heartbeat over a speaker, the first jumping bean baby, we remained terrified. We tentatively started to relax. Until the morning I had stomach pain and within minutes, the gossamer-fine veil making us look like any other expectant couple was shed.

I cried on the phone on the way to the hospital. Once again we silently hung on to each other waiting for the nurse to find the heartbeat. It took forever. It took long enough for us to look at each other and shake our heads slightly, to flash through how it was going to be from there on in. That pregnancy, we were the lucky ones. But the pain, fear, anxiety, guilt? A healthy pregnancy, a healthy scan, a milestone passed.

It all comes rushing back.

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